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Urban Peristeri is your go-to destination for exploring real Athenian neighborhoods. Drive your Imperial Car Rental in Peristeri and benefit from our wide range of vehicles with affordable prices, guaranteed safety, and a fair fuel policy. Plan your trip to Peristeri today and taste the vibe of this lively city.

Budget Car Rental in Peristeri Downtown

★ Best Offers for Peristeri Rent a Car ★

Peristeri Center Rent a Car Deals

Peristeri Center Rent a Car Deals
Mini Economy Automatic (A3)
Citroen C1 Automatic
€18 / day

Downtown Peristeri Car Hire for Cheap

Downtown Peristeri Car Hire for Cheap
Sedan Diesel (E2)
Seat Toledo Diesel
€22 / day

Peristeri Rental Cars

Peristeri Rental Cars
Large Hatchback Diesel (D2)
Opel Astra Diesel
€22 / day

Low-Cost Peristeri Car Rentals

Low-Cost Peristeri Car Rentals
Medium Family (C1)
Seat Ibiza
€16 / day
Budget Car Rental in Peristeri Downtown @ <i>★ Best Offers for Peristeri Rent a Car ★</i>

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Peristeri is a large municipality in northwestern Athens and a budget place to stay but also with lots of amenities and things to do. Its close proximity to the city center, the multitude of shops, bars, restaurants, cinemas, and more make it ideal for discovering the urban side of the city. This popular district has been attracting residents and tourists alike because it can cover all budgets and tastes with low-cost options, from entertainment to sightseeing and from shopping to cultural events. Peristeri’s history starts from the renowned Sacred Way (Iera Odos), the procession road from Athens to Eleusis that was used for celebrating the Eleusinian Mysteries. This road passed from many old Athenian districts, including the wide fields of Peristeri. In 1922, after the Greco-Turkish War, Peristeri and other Athenian suburbs were used as refugee camps for providing lodging, food, and care to the Greeks from Anatolia. Nowadays, Peristeri is a vibrant urban area with cafes, shopping stores, and clubs, as well as Peristeri Park for enjoying leisure walks in a wide green area with your family and friends. There’s also the famous Bournazi Square, a hub for young people who like clubbing, dancing, and partying. You can walk around Peristeri, but as it is a large district, it is preferable to rent a car to be able to drive to other areas and to the city center. We offer a large variety of vehicles to accommodate your needs, from SUVs to family cars and from minicoopers to sedans. By making an online reservation, you’ll benefit from our multiple car hire offers in Peristeri. Try our services today!

Peristeri Car Rentals for Business or Pleasure

Apart from the plethora of things to do in Peristeri, you have other options for activities, dining, and tours. Peristeri borders with other suburban districts where you can find all sorts of things, according to your preferences. Some of the nearest and most lively districts near Peristeri include Ilion, Petroupoli, and Daphni. Ilion is home to the Antonis Tritsis Metropolitan Park, a large park and garden that focuses on environmental information and conservation of the local fauna and flora. It is the perfect place to take your kids or friends and have a picnic, roam around its streets dotted with trees and flowers, and watch the ducks and birds playing on the ponds. Petroupoli is another suburban area mostly known because of its fabulous Petra Theatre, which used to be a quarry but now hosts many concerts and events, especially from May to November. If you’re a fan of music and you enjoy live concerts, you can check out their website to see current events.

Daphni is another great place to enjoy great food and walks in nature. Foinikas Cocina y Cocteleria Mexicana is a Mexican restaurant with lovely decorations serving delicious Mexican dishes and superb cocktails. In Daphni, you will also find the Diomidous Botanical Garden, which is a fantastic environment with unique plants offering a beautiful and peaceful getaway from Athens for everyone who wants to visit and take a stroll, read a book or just enjoy the variety of local and international species of plants and trees. Note that you need to pre-book an e-ticket at no charge, but unfortunately, you can not bring your furry friend to the garden. In any case, it is really worth the visit if you’re looking for a natural setting to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Where to Stay and Eat in Peristeri

⦿ LakPeristeri Homes is a comfortable and spacious apartment near the subway and near Peristeri’s center. The apartment is fully equipped with all appliances, so you will be able to cook and enjoy a homemade lunch or dinner. You can find anything you might need within a short walking distance.

⦿ ChrisAndro Apartments is a modern and nicely decorated apartment with a small swimming pool. It will make you feel at home as it is cozy, clean, spacious, and equipped with modern appliances. Moreover, it has received great reviews from previous guests.

⦿ Hotel Ariston is a 10-minute drive away from Peristeri near the performing arts theatre Epi Kolono. It features one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartments, family apartments, single rooms, and double rooms. The hotel also has a restaurant and a cafe bar.

⦿ Anemologio Alternative Cafe is a nice option for those looking for authenticity. Here, you will try homemade mezedes (small plates of hot and cold dishes), ouzo, or tsipouro and experience the vibe like real Greeks do!

⦿O Karagiozis is a Greek taverna serving local quality food, a variety of meats, and appetizers. The service is exceptional, and the taverna has gained an excellent reputation over the years.

Hire a Small Economy Car in Peristeri

Peristeri is the district in Athens where you will truly experience the city’s real Greek vibe, eat like a local, and enjoy great walks in less crowded streets. Furthermore, prices in the suburbs of the city are more reasonable than what you’ll pay in tourist areas. If you’re in Peristeri with your friends and want to go clubbing, Bournazi Square is the place to be. It’s a big square with surrounding streets lined up with many bars, clubs, and cafes. You can either come in the morning to walk around the streets and enjoy your coffee or at night for endless clubbing and partying. If you’re looking for something calmer in Peristeri, you can go bowling at Royal Bowling, swim at the Lofos Axiomatikon swimming pool, or for a peaceful walk at Peristeri Park. If you’re with your little ones, they will rejoice in the park as there’s a playground and big green areas for them to play.

If you want to admire the city’s views from above, Poikilo Oros is the place to be. Drive to Finikas Open Theatre and follow the directions leading to Poikilo Oros View. Lastly, not so far from Peristeri, you will find the UNESCO-protected holy monastery of Daphni. This 11th-century iconic monastery was on the Sacred Way, and its interior is adorned with mosaics, frescoes, and holy icons. You should definitely plan your visit there and marvel at the unique Byzantine art. If you’re hungry after your visit, head to the traditional taverna O Mpempis, which serves grilled lamb, authentic Horiatiki salad, and much more. You will enjoy your lunch in a welcoming atmosphere, at budget prices, and right in the pine forest of Haidari.

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